If you are interested in becoming a member of Grace Bible Church, the following information will guide you in the process. Each of the five steps below must be completed before a person can become a member of our church.

Attend the New Member Classes

There are three new member classes which give an overview of membership at Grace, its privileges and its commitments. The classes are available to anyone interested in knowing more about our church and are required for everyone who joins. Each class lasts about an hour. Classes are scheduled from time to time according to need. If you are interested, talk with one of the elders about when the next classes will be taught.

Read Loving the Church by John Crotts

This book gives an excellent overview of each Christian’s responsibility within the body of Christ and of how that responsibility is carried out within a local church. The book is available from the church, online or in bookstores. Electronic versions are also available online.

Read the Statement of Faith and the Bylaws of the Church

These documents explain in detail the foundational doctrines of our church and how we function practically in carrying out the work of the church. They contain important information all members need to know in order to avoid misunderstandings regarding church belief and practice.

Complete the Membership Application Form

This document lets us know that you are ready to proceed and gives us basic information on your personal situation. Complete this form when you have completed the above requirements and you are ready to pursue membership. When you give this form to one of the elders, we will schedule a meeting with one of the elders.

Meet with an Elder

This meeting is the final step in the process before a person becomes a member. We want to hear your testimony, get to know you a little better and answer any questions you may have about our church or how you might contribute as you serve within it.