We have a high view of God

* We worship a God who is holy and is exalted above all his creation.
* He is the creator and law-giver to whom every creature owes eternal worship and praise.
* He is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is most clearly glorified in Jesus, who is his perfect revelation of himself to us.
* He is gracious and merciful in salvation, providing forgiveness for all who believe and obey his gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ.
* Our objective at Grace is to worship this God in truth and call all people to be reconciled to him.

We have a high view of Scripture

* We believe the Bible is God's unique revelation of himself to people. It is clear and understandable. It is authoritative and sufficient for every human need.
* Because this is so, careful Bible study is a primary focus of our church gatherings as we all seek to better understand God's loving revelation of Himself to us.

We have a Low view of Humanity

* Since sin entered the world, all people have been born sinful and are incapable of pleasing God in and of themselves.
* The effect of sin touches each and every part of the person, leaving nothing with which to produce any spiritually good work pleasing to God.
* We call men and women to personal holiness in the confidence that the Holy Spirit transforms the hearts of those who believe through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
* We expect Christians to live godly lives as we work to give them the resources to do so.
* We call the unconverted world to repentance and the hope that is in Jesus Christ alone.

We practice Reverent Worship

* We worship because God is worthy of worship and because in Jesus Christ he has enabled us to worship him in spirit and in truth.
* We recognize that right worship will produce feelings in the worshipper, but do not seek these feelings as our primary goal of worship.
* Our objective is to glorify God, as we trust that his truth will produce in us the right responses to his revelation.
* We select our songs based on the content of the lyrics, testing their accuracy by the Scripture.
* Music style is secondary to content. We sing more traditional hymns than anything else because we have found that more of these contain words that glorify God and edify his people.

We seek to be God-centered rather than man-centered

* Real worship is not about us or what we want or feel. Rather, it is an encounter with a holy God.
* While people are very important at Grace, we believe people are best fulfilled when they glorify God, so we seek diligently to preserve this priority in the details of our church life.

We practice loving Church Discipline

* We obey Jesus' command in Matthew 18 regarding the loving restoration of a sinning member and separation from those who claim faith in him but openly and continually refuse to obey his commands.
* Our objective in church discipline is to glorify God by obedience to his commands.
* Our prayerful hope in church discipline is the restoration of a sinning member to the life of holiness that our Lord demands.

At Grace, we believe people are most effectively fulfilled when they honor God in Jesus Christ and learn to obey Him through His revealed Scripture. That Scripture teaches that God would have each of His children involved in faithful service within a local church that honors Him. This is the best way to have personal fulfillment as well as to be a blessing to others.