House Fellowship Groups
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We strongly encourage all our members to be involved in one of our House Fellowship Groups, where small-group Bible studies, prayer and intimate fellowship provide opportunities for ongoing involvement in the lives of other Christians. Many service opportunities arise out of the relationships cultivated in these settings, enriching the lives of those involved and bringing glory to God as we build one another up in love.

Service Projects

We are committed to meeting practical needs for the people God brings across our paths. Construction, remodeling and repair projects, general clean up and food ministries are among the things we do as God brings opportunity. Ask about how you can plug in, using the skills God has given you. Or, let us know of a person in need of some practical help.


Several of our members have committed to regular, intentional prayer for specific needs of the church. We count this a vital ministry and do not underestimate the work required or the results gained. Ask about how you can become involved in this powerful means of strengthening the ministry of Grace.


We are committed to calling people to faith in Jesus Christ both here and around the world. This commitment leads us to active involvement in missions as a church. Many individuals in our church have found practical ways to be involved in our missions program.

Something Else?

Don't see what you're looking for yet?

Let us encourage you to plug in and make the difference. One of the things we have learned as a fairly new church is that someone has to be first. If there is a specific ministry that you feel strongly about, it is possible that God would have you be one of those to bring it about at Grace.