Sunday School Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
When Terrible Things Happen Luke 13:1-9 2017-10-08 General Topics
The Lord's Day Selected Scriptures 2017-10-01 General Topics
Understanding the Sabbath - A Biblical Perspective Selected Scriptures 2017-09-24 General Topics
The Confidence of the Forgiven Psalm 32 2017-09-17 General Topics
Fix Your Eyes on Jesus Hebrews 12:1-2 2017-09-10 General Topics
Overcoming Despair, Discouragement, Depression, Fear, Hopelessness, and a few other Nasty Things You Might Be Struggling with Lamentations 3:1-40 2017-09-03 General Topics
God Is Faithful Psalm 89 2017-08-27 General Topics
The Love of God Romans 5:1-8 2017-08-20 General Topics
The Christian's Struggle with Sin Romans 7:14-8:4 2017-08-13 General Topics
Genuine Faith - Closing Thoughts James 5:12-20 2017-08-06 General Topics
Getting the Gospel Right Selected Scriptures 2017-07-30 General Topics
Delivered from a Trial Psalm 126 2017-07-23 General Topics
Hate Evil Psalm 97 2017-07-16 General Topics
Genuine Faith is Patient Under Trials James 5:7-11 2017-07-09 General Topics
Genuine Faith and Wealth James 5:1-6 2017-07-02 General Topics
God Speaks to the Wicked Psalm 50:16-33 2017-06-25 General Topics
God Speaks to His People Psalm 50:1-15 2017-06-18 General Topics
Backsliding: Some Causes, Characteristics, and the Cure Selected Scriptures 2017-06-11 General Topics
Genuine Faith is Humble and Submissive to God's Will James 4:11-17 2017-06-04 General Topics
A Biblical Perspective on Heaven Selected Scriptures 2017-05-28 General Topics